Sunday, April 26, 2009

Best Friends We Three

I know I haven't blogged in a very, very long time. I have been crazy busy with moving & getting ready for Lisa & Les to come see me! And they did come & see me this weekend! Oh my gosh did we have fun! They got here on thursday afternoon. We cooked out, sat on the back porch & ate dinner, laughing & talking the entire time. We went to bed really late which I am not used to.
We got up early friday morning, got ready & went to Granbury Tx to go shopping. This is the 3 of us getting ready to leave the house. See all the goods in the back of the car? I knew Lisa & Les would love Granbury and they did. They loved the quaintness of the square & loved all the little shops. Lisa even finally found "THE " outfit for funky finds spring fling and she did look cute.Fri, day afternoon we drove to Ft. Worth to set up our booths for the funky finds spring fling.

Saturday morning we again got up early to go to Ft. Worth. We were all dressed in our finery and my nice neighbor came over to take a photo of us.

And here we are in our booths, don't know what happened to Lisa, I only have a photo of her booth not her in her booth. But I think our booths looked great.

We stayed up late again Saturday night talking & laughing. We had so much fun. I went to bed & Lisa & Les stayed up for 2 more hours and during that time they wrote me notes on tags & left them in my art room for me to find. That was a fun little treat that I found after they left.

They just left & I'm ready for them to come again. We are going to plan another trip for them to come again, maybe go to Canton next trip. Lisa & Les I love you! You both made my weekend great, can't wait until we can do it again. Hugs to you my best friends! Renea