Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Workshop at The Altered Muse, Ft. Worth, TX

WOW, we had a great time at the workshop in Ft. Worth, at the great little shop, The Altered Muse! If you have not been to Pam's shop then you are missing out on a wonderful stroll threw the past. Love her shop! She has the best ephmera! Go by there when you can 4318 Vickery St, Ft. Worth, Tx.

Here is Angela & Pam! Love her apron, Angela made it! Great job Angela! Psst-I told Angela she could sell those aprons!
Love this little sign, featured artist, Renea Hipp, oh that's me! Ha!
I was the instructor for this workshop. And I had a great time.

I would like you to meet the class.

The first table of artist are Vivian and Jessica, oh you might recognize Jessica from Funky Finds!The next two artists are Amanda and Melanie. At the back table these 2 artists are Katherine and Angela.
Not only did we collage wood blocks but we also learned how to emboss stamps. I love embossing, so much fun, I think everyone else loved it too!
Pam has all kinds of artist that teach workshops in her shop, they are usually held on tuesday nights 7p to 9p. So call Pam at the Altered Muse for a schedule of workshops. Hugs to you all***Renea

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Art, New Friends and Flowers

I have been working on a couple of new art pieces this week. The first one is a collage of a tree with eggs hanging off of the branches and a sweet little family in the house. I have decided to title this one "Home".
The next little piece is a treasure to me. The fabric photo transfer is of my Grandmother & her sister. My Grandmother is on the left, she was so beautiful inside & out. This is my first piece that I have done with fabric on canvas. And I really like the way that it turned out.
I have meet some really neat people since I have moved to this area. But I recently have met Tina from her blog, (which I love this name) glue on my fingers and paint in my hair. We have alot in common and we both love art. She has a good sense of humor and lives in TEXAS. What more could you ask for. Ha! So go check out her blog!
I am including some photos of my flowers and even blooming magnolias in our magnolia trees. Love the green grass here and all the flowers. It is so pretty here. And it does rain here, where I'm from it hardly ever rained. Just today it rained 1/2 inch here. That is so amazing to me. So enjoy the flowers.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Hugs***Renea

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Blessings

What a blessed weekend I have had. I got to see my daughter & her family, and I also got to see my son's sweet little baby girl. Who could ask for more? Saturday we got to see our little Granddaughter, she has the sweetest little face & she loves to cuddle, how great is that?

Then on Sunday we went to Austin to see our daughter and her family. We went and ate lunch at Rudy's BBQ, which was WAY to expensive, most likely will not eat there again for a very long time! After lunch we went to the park, and oh my was it beautiful. We walked up and down the river bank while the boys fed the ducks and played. The boys are so witty and fun to be around. They will keep you laughing. They will be coming to stay with us this summer for a week or more. I have several fun things planned for them.
They had to show me how high they could swing & how they could do a flip out of the swing. Plus they all had to swing on the tire swing. They have grown so much this past year!
Here I am with these great boys, Montgomery, Curtis & Tyler. Look at Tyler he is taller than me! And he is only 13 years old!
Here is Papa Barry with the boys and Rainey our son-in-law.

This is a photo or how my daughter drives like her MOM. Yikes! She hit the garage door on the way out. I did the same about 3 weeks ago but she out did me, hers is much worse!

My daughter gave me an adorable photo frame, precious little trinket box and a "Tyler" candle and the scent is named High Maintenance, wonder why she choose that scent? Humm? On our way home from Austin my son called me from Korea. And my great hubby gave me these georgeous flowers. On the way home we stopped for a little treat. Barry and I got a few sips but Pixie and Tinkerbelle got most of the treat! I hope you all had a great Mother's Day. As you can see mine was the BEST! Hugs***Renea

Monday, May 4, 2009

Three Little Wishes

I have been working on a new collage and I am finally finished. This is an 8x8 canvas that is 1-1/2 inch deep on the sides. I have named this little piece of work "Three Little Wishes". And I have listed this sweet little piece on etsy. There is just something about those vintage photos of children that just melt my heart. Isn't this child the sweetest, most innocent looking child?

I hope you all have a great week. Hugs***Renea

Friday, May 1, 2009

Meeting new friends

Moving to a new town, new house, new everything has been a harrowing experience. I think I am finally getting settled in, but I must admit it has taken me awhile. ugh! I have met some really neat people along this journey. I attended the funky finds last saturday in Ft Worth & meet some amazing people.

For instance the CEO of Funky Finds Jessica Hood Doughtery. And it is great because we are meeting for lunch today. Yippie! I also met artist Robbie Jenkins, and we are going to meet for lunch next week. Yeah! Can't wait to get to know these wonderful people.

I also met this interesting Muse from Ft Worth whom has a unique little shop there called "The Altered Muse" what a great place, you must go there & see all of the ephmera & goodies she has available. Her shop is located at 4318 W. Vickery St, Ft Worth, Tx. The Muse is Pam Grayson and she had a workshop at her shop tuesday night, yes I went & met more wonderful women. The artist teaching the class was Carrie Gunning (which she may soon be featured in Country Living Magazine). I not only had a great time but I met Angela, which is Pam's best friend and I also met Vivian. Vivian and I talked on the phone yesterday for about 1 and 1/2 hours! WOW! So needless to say we are meeting in Ft Worth next week to go to lunch! Yippie! Below is the final result of my art work from that night and some photos of Pam's shop The Altered Muse.
Hope you all get to visit Pam's great shop. And hope you all have a great weekend. Hugs***Renea