Monday, April 28, 2008

Where does the time go?

There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day! Plus I had a sinus/migraine headache all day. I hate those headaches, and due to the wind & dust here I get them every once in awhile. And today just happened to be the day. I woke up with this nasty headache & guess I will go to bed with it too!

I have a great friend that you all will get to meet soon. Lisa is making the most incredible decorated wine bottles that I have ever seen. I told her that I would post a photo of them, but just haven't had the time! (again where does the time go?) However Lisa is setting up her own blogspot so that she can meet you all! Hopefully she will have it up & running in the next day or two & I will set up a link to her site.

I have made another purse but, didn't have time to take a photo! (where does the time go?) Everytime I make one I like it better than the last one. I have had so much fun putting these together!

This is a journal that I made for my Mother-in-law for Mother's Day. The photo is my Mother-in-law, her brother & her Grandmother! Love this photo, so sweet. Hope she will like it! The color is a little off in the photo but you get the jist.

I thank each of you for visiting my site. I love your comments & I feel like each one of you is a friend. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Can't believe April is almost gone. (where does the time go?) Ha! Just had to get one more in there! Hugs***Renea

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Purse Crazy

Hi there to all my friends in blogland. I think I have gone purse crazy. I have always loved purses. I have been working away on these purses, I love them, they are so fun to make. My imagination is limitless! So I have made 2 more since my last post. I thought I had taken photos of both, but only have photos of this one that I finished tonight. I will post the other purse soon. But for now ... this is my latest creation. This purse too has "Lucy" on the front. There is a little metal tag that states "love is patient". I adorned her bow with a pink button & added some buttons on the bottom of the fabric print. I love the bright & wild colors in these fabrics. I attached a large fabric button on to the flap of the purse.

The back of the purse is so different. I made a little see-threw patch with a free floating bird inside. I made the patch with netting, placed the fabric bird with a purple eye behind the netting. I then framed the netting with some little pink ribbon. I really like how this one turned out. So fun!!! Hope you all like!!! Hugs***Renea

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Momma Needs a New Purse

Oh my gosh, I am soooo tired. I slept until 9am this morning. My Mom came over yesterday & she wanted to make one of my purses. So we went to the fabric store & bought material. She picked out some of the brightest material I have ever seen. I thought it might be too bright, but it did turn out adorable. She came over around 3pm & didn't leave until around 10pm. She cut out the pattern, interfacing & did some embroidery work on the print of Lucy. I had to give her step by step instructions. I would sew a little & she would sew a little. But it was all exhausting! Below is the purse we made.

Back of Mom's purse.

Below is the purse I was working on last week. I finished it yesterday morning before Mom came over. I think it turned out really cute. My friend Lisa said that the back of the purse looked like it had the letter L on it, so that must mean that it was for her. LOL!

This photo is not the best but the purse has fringe on the front right side running from top to bottom. The top of the purse has a small flap with a little crocheted flower. And of course Lucy adorns this purse too! You all know "I Love Lucy" LOL couldn't resist that one. Below is the back of the purse. See how the stitching looks like an L?And as you may have guessed I have already started another purse!

I would like to say how much I appreciate all of my wonderful blog friends. Each day I look forward to your comments. Thank you for all you encouragement & loving words. Hugs***Renea

Friday, April 18, 2008

Purse Photos

Hi everyone, thought I would post more photos of the purse I made. I love this purse, but the second one I am working on is much better! I hope to finish it tomorrow. It is really wild & funky! I am really having fun with these purses, I have plans to make more. Below is the front of the purse, this is a better photo that the 1st one that I posted. The words across the front of Lucy reads "Believe in Yourself". These few words gave me encouragement to finish this purse. I had so much frustration trying to remember how to sew, but on the 2nd day it all came together.

This is the back of the purse. I have used many different prints & colors. I have always wanted a wild & funky purse, but could never find exactly what I wanted. So I decided to make my own.

This is a view of the inside. The fabric looks like hand writing, the pocket is the same fabric as the flap on the front of the purse. The bottom side of the flap is the same fabric as the back.

This is a photo of a new book that I purchased. Just wanted to share with you all. It is beautiful, it has some really neat ideas. Below is the cover of the book. The next 2 photos are from the book, just wanted to give you all a peek inside. The book was written by MaryJo & Sunny Koch. I ordered this book from Barnes & Nobles.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Finally A New Post!

I am soooo excited! I started a new project Sunday & finished it tonight. I decided I wanted to make a purse with my art work. Well there was only 2 small problems, 1) I didn't have a sewing machine, 2) I haven't sewn anything in about 5-6 years! So I went shopping (as any good woman would do) & I found a sewing machine. Not very expensive, a Singer touch & sew. Next I came home & got busy, but let me tell you I had to rip out seams more than once, it was like my brain had forgotten how to put this thing together. I got about 1/2 of the purse made on Sunday, but with a lot of frustrations! Then I came home from work today, started working on the purse & it just all came together! And I love the outcome. Sorry I only have one photo, will try & take more photos tomorrow. I just wanted to get it posted! I want to make several more purses, but would like to know what all my blog friends think??? Do you like??? Let me know. Hugs to you all***Renea

Monday, April 7, 2008

Cherry Blossom Festival

Hello to all my blog friends. We got home yesterday from our short but fantastic vacation. We went to North Carolina to see our Son & our Daughter-in-law. And we all went to Washington DC last thursday & friday. I was so tickled that it was during the Cherry Blossom Festival. To see the cherry blossoms has always been one of my hearts desires.
Look how beautiful the trees were. However this may look beautiful but it was sooooo cold. Thursday we got there around lunch time, and it was about 52 degrees. By early afternoon it was raining & had dropped to 48 degrees. Plus we could not find parking anywhere. Plus the weather here has already been in the 80's & 90's. We are so used to good ole west Texas no traffic, few people. Washington DC threw us for a loop. I know, we are very sheltered. I just couldn't believe how close together everything was & how tiny the streets were. And it didn't help any that we were in a big Tahoe car. I think everyone in Texas has a big car!
This photo was across from the Jefferson Memorial. It was so beautiful. I loved those blooming trees & the monuments. This place made me so proud to be an American!
This is a photo of me & hubby. Just want you all to know how layered up I was...I had a t-shirt on, a long sleeve shirt, big bulky sweater & the zip up sweat hoodie that I purchased from a street vendor!!! I was cold, but we still had a wonderful time!
This is my Son & Daughter-in-law. (She bought the sweatshirt hoodie too!) Aren't they a cute couple? I just love them so much. She is so adorable, funny, witty & cute. No wonder that our Son fell in love with her. And the best part of that we were there when they found out that they are going to have a BABY!!!! Yeah!!!! This will be their first child. And I can hardly wait!!! I know that baby will be beautiful, how could it not be, just look at the baby's parents! Our youngest Grandson is 9 years old. So it is time for a sweet baby to be born into our family!

Hope every one has a great week! Hugs to you all***Renea