Thursday, November 27, 2008

Free Shipping in Etsy Shop

Hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving! Ours has been wonderful. FYI: From now until December 17th any purchase in my etsy shop will have free shipping to any address in the United States. So if you would like to make a purchase, I will ship for free. Just convo me prior to purchase so that I can re-invoice & remove the shipping cost. Have a great weekend, and have fun on black friday. Hugs***Renea

Saturday, November 22, 2008

MRI Results & New Pocket Pillow

Well we finally got Corey's MRI results. He has 2 herniated disc' at L-4 & L-5. He is currently doing physical therapy for 2 weeks. If he is not better then possibly surgery. So please continue to keep him in your prayers & thoughts. He is going to be coming home on December 5th for Christmas and the birth of his first child. Please also pray that he will have a comfortable flight & not too much pain.
I have another pocket pillow to post tonight. I have made a Christmas pocket pillow. This pillow is to put your Christmas wishes or Christmas list in the pocket on the back.
This pillow has been listed on my esty. I would like to thank each of you for your sweet comments, thoughts & prayers. I appreciate you all! Hope you all have a great week & Thanksgiving. We will be going to our daughter in laws on Tuesday for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Hugs***Renea

Monday, November 17, 2008

Something New

Thank you everyone for your sweet prayers & thoughts for my son Corey, he is having his MRI today, which is tomorrow in Korea. I will let you know the results as soon as I can.

I have some new things to post. I have been working on a new project. Photos below are of my new pocket pillows. Each pillow is designed with a pocket on the back for a specific purpose as you will see.

This is the front on the first pillow, it is collaged with different fabrics, lace & irregular stitching. The center piece of fabric has vintage children playing in their pedal cars.

This is the back of the pillow and this pocket has a bible verse written on it, which is Psalm 127:3. This verse states that "children are a gift from God". Your prayers can be tucked inside the pocket on the back of this pillow. This pillow will be going on my etsy soon.

The next pillow is of a couple in love. I painted this couple sometime ago, and I transferred them onto fabric for this fun pillow. This pillow also has a pocket on the back.
The pocket on the back of this pillow is for the couples to exchange"love letters" to each other. What fun this would be!

Weekend before last we went to Austin to see my oldest Grandson play in the High School band. He plays the drums & is in the 7th grade. He was so cute. The first photo is of him & our youngest Grandson being silly. The second photo is of our middle Grandson playing his horn for us. He really does a great job! They are so cute & fun to be around! Never know what they will say or do!

Last but not least is an update of our four legged friends in the window! Drove by there today & both dogs were on the couch in the window. They are so funny. The little dog is standing on the back of the couch, the other dog is just peeking over to back to see over the top.

These 2 dogs make me LOL everytime I see them in this window. Someday I am going to leave the owners photos of these 2 watch dogs & let them know what great entertainment they have provided! Also go & check out the FunkyArtQueen's blog, she has a photo of her dog also looking out the window! I hope everyone has a great week. Hugs***Renea

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Corey Update

First I would like to say thank you all for your prayers & thoughts & kind words. I got an email from Corey, & he is to have an MRI for his back on the 18th. Please continue to keep him in your prayers & thoughts. He is not any better, he is the same. His back is still causing him alot of pain. Our family history has alot of degenerative disc & joint disease. My Grandmother had numerous back surgeries, My Dad has had back surgery, My daughter has had back surgery (last Christmas) & I had back surgery 3 years ago. So I am worried that he will also need back surg. Above is 2 photos of Corey & his military dog Robby. We all love this dog because he saved Corey's life in Iraq more than once. Thank God Corey is no longer in Iraq.
I have been working on a new project. I hope to have photos in a few days. I love this new project, it is so cute & fun to put together. I hope everyone is having a great week. Hugs***Renea

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I finally finished Kennedy's Stocking, YIPPIE!!!! I actually finished it Sunday night. This little stocking is so sweet for my soon to be born Grand baby Kennedy. Oh I am so excited! We are more that ready for her grand entrance into this world. The doctor still says the due date is December 10Th, so not much longer to go!!!!

Below is a photo of my friend Lisa & myself on Halloween. We had lots of fun. Lisa was a witch. I told her that her hat looked like she was in mourning. And of course myself the QUEEN! HeeHee! I had a beautiful tiara & of course my shirt with the crown on it. All befitting the QUEEN! (Me)!
I have been working on several other projects the last few nights, but I haven't decided if I am going to list them on etsy or give them as gifts. Whenever I make up my mind I will show you all the photos.

Photo of my Daughter's Family.........................................
Our Daughter called us tonight & asked if we would go to Austin on Friday. Our oldest Grandson will be marching with the band Friday night during half time. So of course we couldn't miss his first time to march! He plays the drums. I'm sure he will do a great job! Besides I love any excuse to see our Grand kids!

I have a prayer & thoughts request. As some of you may know our son is in Korea. He is scheduled to fly home December 5Th. He has been having alot of problems with his back. Back problems are major in my family. Well Sunday night he was out working, he was on the top of a mountain & he said his legs gave out on him & he & his dog fell over the side of a cliff. He said he fell 15-20 feet & that a tree stopped him. He & Stephie (the dog) got all tangled up in her leash. One of his troops helped to get him back up on top of the mountain. He spent 6 hours in the hospital, but his back is still causing him alot of pain. So please remember him in your thoughts & prayers. Hopefully his pain will be relieved. I hope by the time he is to fly home the pain will be gone. His flight home will be around 16-18 hours long, so I hope he will not be in pain that whole time. Below is his photo. His name is Corey.

I would like to say thanks to each of you for your encouraging words. I always look forward to reading your comments. Thank you for your friendship, thoughts & prayers. Hugs***Renea