Saturday, May 31, 2008

Teaching Our Children

I came across a post that really touched me. I just met Jillian tonight & Jillian wants her children to realize how many people were killed during the holocaust. The number of deaths was outrageous...6 million! Jillian is asking that people send her a star to represent the 6 million people of the holocaust. I am going to make a star & send it to her right away, I hope you do the same. If you would like to participate please go to her site here. I thought this was such a creative way to teach children of such a horrific event. I also have a link on the side bar for Jillian under holocaust stars for Jillian. GOOD LUCK Jillian! Hugs***Renea

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Check out Sanctuary Arts Giveaway

I love a giveaway, & there is a giveaway @ Sanctuary Arts. So please go & check it out! The giveaway includes all kinds of goodies.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We had big plans for the weekend, we were going to my sister & brother in law's house in Kerrville. So I decided I would make a pound cake, one of my favorites. Friday morning I got up bright & early (6:15) & made a cake. Well I should have just slept in because I took the cake out of the oven too early & it fell. Boy was I mad! I still wanted pound cake so I decided to make another one, & the second cake turned out great. Thought the following photos would make great blog material. The 1st photo is of the fallen cake, the 2nd is the good cake beside the fallen cake. The one on the right is the good cake. Just take a look. (NO Laughing allowed)!

The cake did taste great, & we ate the whole thing! My sister told me not to bring it ever again because everytime she passed by it she had to have a piece. HeeHee!

Well my sister has a beautiful home that sits on 7 acres, with a creek in her back yard. Oh my gosh, it is so pretty. My daughter, son in law & grandson's also went to my sister's. We just had a great big get together. We all went fishing & swimming in the creek. We caught lots of small fish, catfish & perch. No keepers! But it was so fun. We all laughed & played & ate well. Below are some of the photos.....

On the left is my daughter, then Montgomery "Gummy" my grandson, & last is my sister!

Everyone getting the fishing poles ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The big catch of the day!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha!

The boys even rode on the 4 wheeler with their Papa & our 2 chihuahua's. They really loved that!Thanks sista & Roy for a great weekend, we love you both, had sooooo much FUN!!!!!! Hope you all had as much fun as we did. Hugs***Renea

And we have a WINNER!

Hi there, hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We had a great time. I have a winner for the Queen's Wand. I had my good hubby to draw the name for me, he does such a good job. I would like to thank each of you for participating. And our winner is someone new to blogland....her name is Faith...from Faith's Vintage Vanity. Go check out her blog, she too is doing a giveaway! Congrats to Faith! I'll write more later. Hugs***Renea

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hi there to all my blog friends! I have finally finished the giveaway prize. I have been so far behind this week...but tonight got this done! To be included in the drawing 1) tell me something about yourself that know one else knows, 2) go to Lisa's site & leave her a message 3) and last add my site to your link list. It's that easy. Those of you who have already done this do not need to do this again, you will be included in the drawing. I will have the drawing Memorial Day, which is Monday May 26th. I will try to have this done by 6pm. Good luck to everyone. Hope you like the prize shown below. This prize will be given to the "Queen". This wooden wand was made for a queen, it has many ribbons attached with a button, tags, and 2 crowns. The back is covered with fairy dust. Again good luck, hugs***Renea

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Don't forget about the giveaway!

Have you ever set down to do some great art piece & not know where to start? I have always wanted to do something with nails & a hammer on my canvas, just wasn't sure how to accomplish that! So I started on a collage over a week ago & didn't finish it & started on another project. Well this weekend I pulled out the unfinished collage & thought what can I do that is different than my norm. So I got out the hammer & nails & came up with this fun little house. And no house is a house without a key, so I added a key. I like the way this little piece turned out, hope you do too! Let me know what you think ????????????? The little piece of measuring ruler was found @ my hubby's grandparent's lake cabin. Thought that it would do well on this collage. I have been very busy this weekend. I have done several fun pieces. One that I have done is for my friend's daughter's graduation. It is just a small little wooden star on a dowel rod. But it did turn out really cute. The B is for my friend's daughter's name. It has several tags attached, a charm that states journey & some ribbons & yarns. The back also has fairy dust sprinkled on it to give it a shimmery look.

I'm working on 2 more sets of wooden blocks, almost done. I have sold the set of "roaring 20's" & the "bird" set. But I have put 2 more sets of blocks on etsy. Hope to have the other blocks on etsy tomorrow night.

I want to say thank you to all my blog friends for visiting my site. I appreciated each of you. I hope you all will participate in the GIVEAWAY. Just go to the post prior to this one. It is dated May 16th, I am featuring Lisa's blog & a giveaway. I hope you all have a great week. Just think a 3 day weekend is coming. Yippee! Hugs to all my blog friends***Renea

PS--never thought I would be so in love with your blogspots! I love to visit you all!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008


It's TGIF!!!!! Yeah! I am so glad it is finally friday. This week has been soooo long. Happy that I get to stay home this weekend & work on my art.

Again I am going to feature my friend's wine bottles...Lisa from the site wild over wine. She is new to the blog world & she has a new ETSY shop. I encourage each of you to go to her blog site check out her wine bottles & check out her etsy shop. I have added one of her bottles for your viewing pleasure......isn't it beautiful? Each bottle contains lights, decorated with wild, wonderful, bright beads & wire! They are truly spectacular! Go & see for yourself.

I have decided to do a giveaway. It will be very simple. And I know what I am going to do for the giveaway prize but just not quite finished yet. Just keep in mind that this prize will make any ones wishes come true. There are only 3 rules: 1) leave me a comment about yourself, tell me something about yourself that no one else knows about you, 2) link my site on your blog site. (some of you my already have this one done), 3) leave a message on Lisa's blog about her bottles. A winner will be chosen on Memorial Day! Good Luck to everyone! Hugs***Renea

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finally Purses Listed on Etsy!!!!!!

Okay finally I got 3 of my purses listed on etsy. I tell ya, I have been so crazy busy...I haven't had time to do anything fun like say hi to all of my blogland friends! And boy it is a job to list anything on etsy too! Etsy doesn't have a place to save a template or anything, very elementry. Not very user friendly!
Anyways....I finally got these 3 purses listed so go & check out my etsy here.

PS-Wanted to let you all know that I am lisiting the wooden blocks below on etsy. Thanks!

Monday, May 12, 2008

More Wooden Blocks

I needed to post these blocks tonight. Someone contacted me & asked if I had more wooden blocks, and as you can see below, I have several sets made up. I apologize for the photos, they are not very good, but this will give you an idea of what I have available @ the moment. I wanted to take more time with the photos but I had several detours tonight that could not be avoided. Hope you enjoy looking @ these sets. It is late & I NEED my beauty sleep! Hugs***Renea

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Purses, Purses, Purses

I have learned many things making these purses. I have had several trial & errors! (mostly errors) Oh well....I have finished several for you to view. I want to put these on etsy. I would like your feedback! I hope to list them on esty in the next day or two. The red one with the photo of the 2 girls is my Grandmother & her sister. This is their graduation photo from 1928. (please do not borrow this photo) I love this photo of my Grandmother, she is the one on the left.

The next purse is one that I finished tonight. It is done in purples, blues, pinks. It also has a photo of "Lucy" on the front. The back has several quilted swaying stalks of squared flowers. The flap has a purple & lime green button attached. The inside is done with paisley fabric & a pink fabric pocket.

The next purse is one of rip & re-do, rip out again & re-do again. This is a fun purse, it has 3 women on the front, which are all friends. The purse is orange, purple with some yellows. The flap has a metal butterfly attached, the buterfly is painted orange & red. The back of the purse has quilted flowers & a bird attached. The inside fabric looks like handwriting, and a purple pocket with yellow flowers on the fabric.

Okay that's it for tonight. Let me know what you think! Hope you all have a great weekend! Hugs***Renea

Monday, May 5, 2008

Lisa's Coming Out Party!

Hi everyone, want you all to meet one of my best friend's. Her name is Lisa & she has just started a blog site. She loves red wine & hated to just throw away the bottle after it was empty so she has created these really wonderful decorated wine bottles. They are so pretty, each has lights all lit up inside & each is decorated with a different theme. I hope you will all go to her site & give her a big welcome. She was very hesitant about her blog (just like I was) but Les & myself encouraged her to start one. Which she finally did! I have some photos of her decorated wine bottles that I will share with you, but the bottles are much prettier in person. Lisa's blog link is here. I know you will all love her as I do, she is also my work partner, we work together everday & laugh most of each day. So please go & welcome Lisa. Let us know what you think about her bottles! Thank you to all my blog friends!! You are all so wonderful. Hugs to each of you***Renea

Friday, May 2, 2008

My Beautiful Daughter!

I just wanted you all to see how beautiful my daughter is...she was formally crowned "Miss Playful" @ work yesterday. Notice the Miss America hand wave, the gorgeous smile & let's not forget the magnificent pink tiara! My oh my she makes a Mother proud. Her Dad said she takes after him, but she has so much more hair than he does, so I'm just not sure its him that she takes after! HeeHee! My way of thinking is that she favors her Mom! She makes my heart smile. She is truely beautiful inside & out. I love you Dusty! Hugs***Mom (Renea)