Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Taking A Short Break

Just a quick note to let you all know that I am taking a short break from blogging. I must finish the Christmas Stocking for my soon to be here Granddaughter Kennedy. My goal was to have it finished by Thanksgiving, but I would like to have it done in 1-2 weeks. So I will visit you all when I can return. Hope everyone has a great Halloween! And thank you all for your sweet comments, I will be back soon, hugs to each of you***Renea

Monday, October 20, 2008

What a Dog's Life!

Do you remember the post where the dogs were in the window & had torn up the window shade? Well I went by there again the other day & guess what....they have removed the window shade & now the little dog just sits on the back of the couch! Yeap, he's there everyday now. I guess his owners new it was a loosing battle, so they let him win! Ha! Love this dog! What a dog's life!
Now I will show you a photo of my little Pixie & her dogs life. As you can probably see, she's not too little, in fact I took her to the vet 2 weeks ago for yearly shots & she weighed almost 12 pounds. WOW! I told dear hubby that he needs to stop feeding her table food that she is going to kill over with a heart attach. But one thing that I do let her do in the mornings is finish off my coffee. Every morning she waits patiently for my almost empty coffee cup, just like the old saying goes good to the last drop! Again what a dogs life! Such spoiled rotten dogs! But I love this little mutt!
As promised here is my latest project, it didn't turn out the way I had pictured it in my mind. I think it is okay, but will work on the next one to achieve more of the look that I want. This is a little keepsake box, the top looks a little pink in the photo but it is really red. The inside is black with a black & white butterfly.
Also I want to post a photo of the Christmas stocking I am making for my soon to be born Granddaughter! Here is what the final result will (hopefully) look like:

The photo below is the last photo that I posted a few weeks ago:

And here is the progress. Boy is this a lot of work. My goal is to have it finished by Thanksgiving. (So keep your fingers crossed) But I have made some good progress. Basically I will be working on the Sugar Plum Fairy in the next week or two.

Well I hope everyone has a great artful week. I have lots of work to do. I am continuously working on the stocking plus trying to squeeze in other projects. Hugs to you all *** Renea

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Great Movie

Yes, we went to the movies again tonight. We really wanted to see Fireproof. It was great! Very heart warming, and yes it made me cry, but it also made me laugh! Go & see it if you get the chance.

We got to see our Grandkids this weekend, we met our Daughter & Son-In-Law in Brownwood. We met them for lunch @ Underwood's BBQ & visited with them for a couple of hours. They bought our old pickup & we were meeting them to bring them the truck. Those 3 boys are so cute & fun! Love them so much, wish we could see them more often.

I am still working on Kennedy's stocking, I will try & post photos sometime this week, I have everything done except the sugar plum fairy. Well one of her legs is partially done. I hope to have her stocking done way before Thanksgiving! We are going to be so busy from now until after the first of the year! WOW! Can't believe it is already close to the end of the year again. Where does the time go?

I have been working on something new, but still not finished. I hope to finish them sometime this week. However I did make some cute paper mache' letters & then stamped them. What do you think?

I think these letters are fun and would be a great gift idea. They are about 1" thick and about 7-8 inches tall, and about 5 inches wide.

Well not much going on here. Getting ready for bed. Hope you all have a great week. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to read my post. Hugs to you all, my friends! ***Renea

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Etsy Listings

Just a quick note, I have added several new block sets to my etsy site. And I have several more to add. I have added several Christmas sets. And if anyone is interested in collaged block sets with your family photos as a gift please contact me as I would love to make them for you. I have made 2 sets for friends @ work with their family photos & they have turned out really great. I have been working on something a little different, but I love the way it is turning out. I hope to have it finished in the next night or 2 so you can all see. Again I am working with wood, but on a different scale and dimension. I hope everyone is having a great week. Got to go, running late this morning! Yikes! Hugs***Renea

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Movie: LakeView Terrace

Who's been to the movies lately? We hardly ever go to the movies, but last night we decided to go to a movie. We wanted to see Fireproof, but it was sold out, so we went to see Lakeview Terrace. WOW-- what a suspenseful movie! Samuel L. Jackson plays an L.A. cop & boy does he have problems! He is one mean, messed up, son of a gun! This is one of those got to see movies, so if you get the chance go see this one! Don't want to give anymore details, but gosh it was good!

My hubby picked the winner for my giveaway last night. So look @ the last post to see who won. Congrats to the Funky Art Queen Lesley. Wahoo! Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm off to go create! Hugs***Renea

Friday, October 10, 2008

We have a WINNER!

Yes we have a WINNER!!!! Yippie!!! And my sweet hubby & Tinkerbelle helped me out, he drew the name out of the box.

Here Hubby is laughing because he see's the name & knows who it is.

And here is the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby had just said if Lisa or Lesley wins that will look funny. And I said if one of them win, they win. And guess who won. HeeHee! Congrats to Les!!!!!!!!! Yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya Les! Thanks to all of you who participated, love you all! Hugs***Renea

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Don't Forget Giveaway & A new Lucy!

Don't forget about the giveaway, the drawing will be October 10th @ 6pm central time. The giveaway photo is in the last post if you want to look @ the goodies. Just leave me a comment about one of your funniest moments. And good luck to you all!

I have painted a new Lucy with a new technique, or at least new to me. I followed some instructions in Kelly Rae's new book "Take Flight" & came up with this Lucy that I named "catch a falling star". So here she is...............................
What do you think? Do you like? I wasn't sure I would like her, but now that she is complete I like her. I like the stars. The stars are attached with a nail in top of the wood canvas with copper colored wire, so that the stars hang loose. I am looking forward to trying another of Kelly Rae's techniques from her book.
Remember to sign up for the giveaway, leave me a comment about one of your funniest moments. Hugs to all of you my friends***Renea

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Giveaway....And Round Top

I am having a giveaway, but hurry & sign up! Leave me a comment about one of your funniest moments. I am going to giveaway several items, some came from my trip to Round Top flea market. Lisa & I had a blast! I am giving away a small travel case with tons of zipper slots for all kinds of goodies to be stashed, a cute hanging frame that you could put your own photo in (this came from Round Top) it is made out of fabric, a Lucy post card, 2 valentine post cards, 3 wooden spools, a vintage hankie (from Round Top), a tag with 5 paper covered clothes pins, small pack of kleenex, and a note pad with pen. If you put a link on your blog back to this site I will enter your name twice for the giveaway. Good Luck to everyone.

And now here are some photos of me & Lisa at Round Top the biggest flea market in Texas. Of course one of our most favorite places to visit was the Junk Gypsies. They had some really cool jewelry & neat T-shirts.

And we couldn't resist taking our photo in front of their cute pink truck. The first photo is of Lisa.
And this photo is of me!
Lisa again.
Me again.
There was miles & miles of tents with all kinds of stuff, new stuff, old stuff, vintage stuff, antiques, you name it, it was there! Boy were we tired friday night. We got there Friday around 9am & didn't leave until around 4:30 or 5PM. Then on Saturday, Lisa went with her daughter Meagan & grandbaby Katrina & I went with my daughter Dusty. We had so much fun. We are already planning our next trip in April.
Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway. Hugs to you all ***Renea

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I posted earlier that I would have a giveaway soon. In fact I posted that I would host a giveaway on my 100th post. Well guess what? I missed my 100th post. Yap sure did, missed it! So this is post #101. And yes I am going to do a giveaway! YIPPEE! It's really easy, just leave me a comment on this post about one of your funniest moments and you will be entered. And if you mention this giveaway on your blog with a link to this blog I will enter your name twice. I am going to the biggest Flea Market in Texas this weekend & there is no telling what I will come up with for the giveaway, but I'm sure it will be fun! So please leave me a comment. The drawing will be held on October 10th @ 6pm central time. Good luck to you all!

I have listed one set of my Christmas blocks on my etsy site. I hope to list other sets next week after my trip.

I'm off to Round Top tomorrow with Lisa from Wild Over Wine. We are so excited! This is our first time to go there & we want to see it all even though I know that won't be possible. But we will shop til we drop! Two great days! I'm sure I will have plenty of photos when I return. Hope you all have a great weekend! And Les we will miss you dearly! I know we will think of you often. Hugs***Renea