Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Reunion and Grandson's Visit

What a sweet reunion for my son and his 6 month old daughter. My son has been in Korea and just recently returned home, he was so excited to see his daughter, the last time he saw her she was only 2 weeks old.My Grandsons's have been here for a week now, and we have had soooo much fun. They are such witty young boys. They have had use laughing all week long. We have been all over North Texas. We even went to the beach in Grandbury, was so nice, but didn't take camara to beach.

The Ft. Worth Zoo.
Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, Tx. Pro Bass Shop in Garland, Tx.
Just clowning around.

Swimming in the neighbors pool with my son and also with the neighbors dog (Hank).
As you can see by the pics below we didn't do much house cleaning! We were way to busy playing! :)

What a great time we have had. I hate to see them go home. I would love for them to stay longer. But I do think they are coming again sometime this summer. And I think we will see them July 4th. Love you boys! Thanks boys for entertaining your NaNa. Hugs***Renea

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And We Have a Winner!

Congrats to Deb, Deb did it! Deb won the contest and will receive a prize. I know naming these courthouses wasn't easy, but Deb named 2 correctly. Courthouse #1 Hillsboro, #2 Anson, #3 Granbury, #4 Weatherford, #5 Old Dallas Courthouse, #6 Waxahatchie. I love these old courthouses, they have so much history and beauty. Hope you all are having a great week, I am having a wonderful time, my 3 Grandson's are here for a visit! Love those boys, they are so much fun. We have been to the Ft. Worth Zoo, Pro Bass Shop in Garland (which they loved), Dinosaur World, and the new public beach at Granbury Lake. Plus they have gone swimming at my neighbor's house EVERY day, thank you Joyce. I will try and add photos later! Hugs***Renea

Monday, June 8, 2009

Something to Blog About and a GIVEAWAY!

Well I have not blogged in awhile, but I have been thinking about something to blog about. So here goes...I was inspired by the FunkyArtQueen to plant a small garden. So Hubby & I planted 5 tomatoe plants and 3 jalopeno plants. We have already had jalopeno poppers hot off the grill. Still waiting on the tomatoes. I love garden fresh tomatoes.
Look what Hubby found in the backyard! Yikes! This little guy was one fat toad! But we like the fact that he will eat bugs. YumYum!I spent the day with Pam from The Altered Muse in Ft Worth. We had a great time. We brain stormed about up coming workshops. We thought of several great workshops, so check out her site for up-coming workshops and a possible giveaway. We all love a giveaway.
And speaking of a GIVEAWAY...I will give a prize to the first person who can correctly name the towns of where these old Texas Courthouses are located or who can correctly name the most of these towns. I love these old courthouses, everytime we drive threw a town with these old courthouses I have taken photos. The grand old buildings are below, so good luck. Naming these courthouses will end June 16th at midnight.
Have fun with naming the towns where the courthouses are located. Good luck to you all!!!! Hugs***Renea