Monday, September 1, 2008

What a great long holiday weekend!

We had a great weekend, we met the kids @ the lake. Our daughter & her family, our daughter-in-law, nephew & his girlfriend. The kids swam out @ the boat ramp & off of the dock. They love the boat dock, and the dogs went swimming with them. Well the big dogs went swimming not the little ones. I love going to the lake but it is so much better with family. We all get along & have so much fun. Plus there is always food for an army, oh yeah there was one @ the lake. I'm going to share photos of the boys first. The first photo is my Grandson Tyler, he will be 13 next Monday. A teenager, oh my!
The second Grandson is Montgomery "Gummy", he is 11 years old. He was playing a video game with Logan. The third Grandson is Curtis, he is 9 years old. He was posing with Macaroni for this photo.
One of our favorite things to do @ the lake is sit outside under the carport. We have lots of chairs, swings & bbq grills. So we all sit out there & visit, tell stories & laugh. We usually sit out there until after dark. The next photo is of our daughter-in-law & the little baby on the way. As you all know the baby is a girl. Yippee!
Below are some photos of the plants, trees & landscaping. The purple sage below was full of beautiful butterflies & bumble bees. The third photo in this group has a bumble bee, its hard to see, but its there!
The crepe-murtle was full of a spider's web. Just to irresistible not to photo. Plus the crepe-murtle was so pretty. Look @ this gorgeous prickly-pear. It is about to bloom. Look @ the huge bulbs and the color is so pretty.
Our neighbor's dock. The trees already look like they are turning for fall.

And you just gotta love these native trees. The mesquite tree, they twist & turn with the wind, branches sway with a gentle breeze. The tree below is very old, look @ the way the trunk has split @ the bottom. I love this tree. So graceful. Keep watching for my 100th post. I will set up a post for you to comment on for the giveaway. I still have a few more posts before number 100! I hope you all have a great week. Mine will be short as we are going back to the lake thursday night, we will meet the kids again for the weekend! Yippee! I can hardly wait.

I would like to thank you all for your frequent visits to my site. I always look forward to your comments. Hugs to you all***Renea


Susan said...

You did have a great weekend and great photos to prove it. Here's hoping the rest of the week is just as good. Take care and early congrats on that 100th post.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

It looks like y'all had a wonderful time! Those trees are really a wonder. I love how they twist and turn.

Lisa said...

so beautiful! glad yall had a great time. rained us out tonight on dove hunting. funniest story tomorrow about Gary's gun! see ya tomorrow. love ya lisa

Bebe said...

Hi Renea!
Looks like you all had a wonderful holiday weekend just relaxing with the family! Love to see those gorgeous flowers and the prickly pear cactus!! Congrats on your 100 post ~ hoping to see 100 more soon!! :)
Hugs, Bebe :)

Funky Art Queen said...

Those boys are growing up. I can't wait until they are all teenagers....can't wait to hear Dusty's stories. All of the photos are beautiful. I love that tree with all the winding limbs.

Heather Robinson said...

I SO enjoyed seeing your photos. It is always a pleasure to share in your family gatherings and to get to know you better. I love that you sit under the car port and just talk and laugh. That's what we remember when we think of family gatherings. Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of a new granddaughter!!

Daisys Little Cottage said...

What a nice looking family you have and how blessed to have such a sweet spot to gather. Love the twisted trees...they make me think of something from the Wizard of Oz or haunted tale. Id love to see those prickly pears in bloom. Wonderful photo of the serene. Thanks for sharing

Sandra Evertson said...

The pickley pears are so Beautiful!
Sandra Evertson