Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Art, New Friends and Flowers

I have been working on a couple of new art pieces this week. The first one is a collage of a tree with eggs hanging off of the branches and a sweet little family in the house. I have decided to title this one "Home".
The next little piece is a treasure to me. The fabric photo transfer is of my Grandmother & her sister. My Grandmother is on the left, she was so beautiful inside & out. This is my first piece that I have done with fabric on canvas. And I really like the way that it turned out.
I have meet some really neat people since I have moved to this area. But I recently have met Tina from her blog, (which I love this name) glue on my fingers and paint in my hair. We have alot in common and we both love art. She has a good sense of humor and lives in TEXAS. What more could you ask for. Ha! So go check out her blog!
I am including some photos of my flowers and even blooming magnolias in our magnolia trees. Love the green grass here and all the flowers. It is so pretty here. And it does rain here, where I'm from it hardly ever rained. Just today it rained 1/2 inch here. That is so amazing to me. So enjoy the flowers.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Hugs***Renea


Susan said...

Both of these pieces are stunning. I'm so glad you like the rain, we get a lot of it and it clears everything except your allergies. So happy that you are becoming acclimated to your new surroundings. Enjoy the weekend.

Krissysart said...

LOVE the new pieces. Way to go on that fabric collage. Just lovely. And thanks for sharing the pix of your lovely flowers. Isn't spring the best? I finally feel chipper again!
Happy Weekend!

Sacred Yoli said...

Whoah, these are awesome! I especially love your "home" piece!