Sunday, October 4, 2009

Something Different

I have been in an art funk lately, no ideas, no creative energy, nothing. But last night I actually did a couple of things. I am taking Carmen Torbus' on line class "spill it", which has been lots of fun so far. Her class requires you to get your hands dirty. As you can see mine were pretty messy!However I ended up with a neat background. I love these colors.I can't wait to see what next weeks class will be! Carmen is very fun & energetic.
So this morning I decided to get busy in my art room. I had started a background sometime ago & decided to overhaul it. And that is exactly what I did, now I have a very fun, whimsical piece. I'm not quite finished but just had to post it anyway. I have had a great time putting her together!
She is very different than what I normally paint, but I love her. She screams "Look at me, I'm a Queen"!!! I still have to paint the sides, and I have a couple of ideas to add to her.
And last but not least is a couple of monkey's that I found this weekend. They are all dress up for a special occasion. I decided that they are me & my hubby, 2 little monkey's in love.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was really good and creative. Hugs to you all! And have a great week! Renea


Funky Art Queen said...

I love the piano shirt....she is awesome and fun....keep it up sistah.

~viv said...

Love the's so me! :) Hope you come out of your creative funk soon.

Carmen said...

Love your painting!!!!! I am so happy you've joined us in Spill It!!! ♥♥♥

Lisa said...

oh she is cute! different - no hair flip and BIG eyes. love it!

Susan said...

I agree with Les, the piano shirt is too cool. The eyes are very cool. I like it a lot. It's good to crawl outside the box sometimes. Take care, Susan.

Funky Art Queen said...

Again, the piano keys on her shirt are brilliant...I miss my Pocket full of prettys

Debbie said...

Hey girl, where are you? I love that Queen and the background. I hope everything is OK with you.

Noble Studios Ltd. said...

Hi Renea!
WOW you are very talented! LOVE your art and your blog!

Faithfully yours,
Violette Noble

Noble Studio Ltd.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Love your queen! She's fabulous!