Sunday, April 20, 2008

Momma Needs a New Purse

Oh my gosh, I am soooo tired. I slept until 9am this morning. My Mom came over yesterday & she wanted to make one of my purses. So we went to the fabric store & bought material. She picked out some of the brightest material I have ever seen. I thought it might be too bright, but it did turn out adorable. She came over around 3pm & didn't leave until around 10pm. She cut out the pattern, interfacing & did some embroidery work on the print of Lucy. I had to give her step by step instructions. I would sew a little & she would sew a little. But it was all exhausting! Below is the purse we made.

Back of Mom's purse.

Below is the purse I was working on last week. I finished it yesterday morning before Mom came over. I think it turned out really cute. My friend Lisa said that the back of the purse looked like it had the letter L on it, so that must mean that it was for her. LOL!

This photo is not the best but the purse has fringe on the front right side running from top to bottom. The top of the purse has a small flap with a little crocheted flower. And of course Lucy adorns this purse too! You all know "I Love Lucy" LOL couldn't resist that one. Below is the back of the purse. See how the stitching looks like an L?And as you may have guessed I have already started another purse!

I would like to say how much I appreciate all of my wonderful blog friends. Each day I look forward to your comments. Thank you for all you encouragement & loving words. Hugs***Renea


Heather Robinson said...

Oh Renea! I appreciate you much more than I can possibly say. These purses are absolutely gorgeous. I have enlarged the photos to see all of the details. No wonder you were exhausted after guiding your Mom through one. Beautiful work, my friend!

Susan said...

I love bright colors and I think your Mom's purse is great. You made more than just a purse, you made a wonderful memory. Makes me a little misty, missing my Mom, she would have loved to have done this. Thanks for sharing.

misspvc said...

Hi Renea!!! you won the giveaway on my blog! go check it out!!! wooohoo Congratulations....If you'll send my your snail mail address by seperate email....the link is at the top of my blog....I'll get that popped in the mail to you!!!! Thanks for stopping by..and I'll be having another giveaway soon!
huge hugs
Patti V

Ms Dragonfly said...

sounds wonderful, sharing your art with you mother. love the girl on the purse you two made!

carolyn said...

Hi Renea~
These purses are absolutely beautiful! I still think these purses belong in an exclusive and funky art boutique!
How wonderful that you can share some creative with your mom.

love.boxes said...

So fun! I love it when artists work in such beautiful and vibrant colors. :)

Adriana Whitney said...

I love the purses! I love bright colors. It's so good that you can work with your mom, I wish I could do that.
Adri :D

Sacred Snatch said...

Bravo, those were amazing! I think a tutorial should be in order. ;-)

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

It's purse madness!!!! and I love it! The bright colors invited me in right away, took me for a ride and made me want to MEET your mother. lol Renea, you ROCK girl.
Beautiful pics of family you've added on your sidebar, I always have a great time visiting your blog. ~Monica

Carmen said...

How cute are these Renea!!! I love the vertical fabric strips on the back and Lisa's right!!! Looks like and L. lol

Both of these purses are just fantastic! Hope you get some rest soon!

Have a great week!


sUz said...

hi reNea!

wOw, they're both fantastic!!! I LOVE that your mOm picked out those vibrant colors - how much fun is she?!
Great work ladies and thanks so much for sharing!

iN jOy,

~Tonya said...

How neat is that Renea. So very nice of you to help your Mom make a new purse.

An awesome, one of a kind purse. Both of the purses are so neat and FULL of detai.

I can see why your were tired...and you must have needed your sleep :)


Counting Your Blessings said...

Awww.. they're both darling! Blessings... Polly

Funky Art Queen said...

These are beautiful Renea. I love them. It is funny how you have turned into the wild color girl and I am seeking the feminine, vintage look. What happened to us? Heehee

MiKa Art said...

I totally love these beautiful bright colours! wow, you and your Mom are super!

The Tattered Rose said...

I love these purses! Just Fab-u-lous!

annas dreams blog said...

Hello Renea: We appreciate you too, I wished I could have more time for all my blog friends and for my blog. These handbags are absoulutely great, what a awesome work Congratulations.

Jenn said...

awwwww I appreciate you too! How fun you made a purse with your Mom!!!! I am just LOVIN' these Renea! They are seriously amazingly adorable!!!!! keep up the great work and get some rest in between;) xoxo...jenn