Monday, July 28, 2008

More From West Texas

First things first, I would like to say thank you to all of you who left such sweet comments about my soon to arrive Granddaughter! I'm sure she will be rotten to the core! I have already started buying pink little things for her. And of course pink is my favorite color!

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! I have been so busy though! I have several things to write about...some interesting...some maybe not. I love West Texas, it has a beauty all its own. (which I have mentioned before) I have written recently about West Texas, but I have more photos to share with you all! The photo below is of a local complimentary magazine. The front page is of the vast West Texas area, and the title is miles & miles of West Texas.
I love the wide open spaces, just like that song by the Dixie Chicks, wide open spaces are the heart of West Texas. I took several photos the other day while I was making a visit to the nursing home. This nursing home happens to be out in the country. And I came across a sweet little bunny that didn't seem to mind if I took his picture. He just sat & posed for the photo.
Another beautiful site was a crepe murtle bush. It was so pretty, the blooms were a deep fushia pink color. It too was @ the nursing home. I love the blooms on these bushes because they remind me of lace so graceful & elegant.
Now that I have explained the beauty of wide open spaces I wanted to share the next few photos. Has anyone heard about the West Texas Windmill Farms? The windmill farms produce electricity for huge cities & other states like Florida. One farm is owned by Florida Power & Light Company. These windmills are 200 feet tall & the blades are 80 feet long. Just check out the photos below.

PS--(revision added) Okay I now realize that Texas is not the only state to have these windmill farms. I guess this is progression. But I am glad for all the jobs that these windmill farms have produced! I know that we all need our jobs! I apologize for putting my feet in my mouth!
Finally I have one new piece of art work to share. I have made a perpetual block calendar. I will be putting it on etsy soon. Let me know what you think? I am currently working on a little journal that will be full of birds, nests, flowers & all kinds of good things. I have so many things I want to do, but so little time to do them! Tell me where do you find the time?

Now one last little tid bit....we were at the lake this weekend & started painting the cabin. Here is Hubby hard @ work. Just a sneak peek @ the progress there.....also look @ the peach tree in the right distant back ground. Yes that is a peach tree loaded with peaches. We made homemade peach ice cream & it was wonderful! Yummo! We picked the peaches & brought them home with us.
The colors in the photos are a little strange. Not sure why but the last photo is more true to color, the house is mocha in color & the trim is rustic red. Hope you all enjoy the photos! Hope you all have a great week! Hugs to you all***Renea


Janet said...

OMG! Homemade peach ice cream is one of my favorites! Save a dish for me!

How hubby is working on a windmill farm right now! He's an electrician and doing work on a new installation here in CA.

Heather Robinson said...

Oh, Renea. I have been away too long! Look at all of your fabulous news and goings-on! A new grandbaby on the way, a great idea for a perpetual calendar and photos gallore!! Oh, by the way, I left Gaby a message letting her know you are thinking of her. Big hugs....Heather....who will be making you a canvas while on vacation! Sorry it's taken me so long.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...


you are the BUSY BUSY girl! Look at you goooooooo.

My husband helps put up windmills locally on his off time.. I'll have him take a peek at your post.

Now, you asked about the donations. The link is up on my blog but if you can wait until Aug 1, I'll share it in a new post. CLOSE now to the start. I'm overjoyed here, my heart is very very full these days. :)

Now what's this about a new grandbaby? I'll have to go have a look, Monica

Krissysart said...

Hi! I haven't talked to you in a while and I don't remember if I told you how absolutely WONDERFUL my sweet birthday wand is. Every year on our birthdays the birthday kid (or adult) gets to carry around the birthday wand and be queen (or king) for the day. Thanks for the wonderful little piece of art!

LW said...

Oh my homemade peach anything is great. But, Ice the best.

sometimes I just don't understand the reasoning of how things work..
you have to pay for and look at the windmill but you don't get the Benefit.
I bet the state is making money on this one…...


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

oh shoot!

Nooooooooooooo, I didn't mean anything by my windmill chattery, I guess I had not realized that YOU had to pay Fl. fees and wondered WHY... I often pay a bill without ever having known where the $ was going.. good for you to QUESTION this.

xo, Monica :)

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Renea, How exciting, a little girl, all the fufu you can do for them.
Love the pictures, thanks for sharing them. I know how beautiful it looks, wide and open.
I would love some fresh peaches, peach cobbler is my weakness.
The blocks are cute, cute....

Dolly said...

I have never been to Texas so its fun to see your pictures!

Ouuuu a new grand baby exciting!
I am so happy for you!

Hugz, Dolly

Sandra Evertson said...

Love the blocks!