Sunday, July 6, 2008

Home From Vacation

Hi there everyone, I finally got back from vacation! We had so much fun. I have been internet deprived for 9 days. There is no internet @ the lake. So I have not been in touch with any of my blogland friends. Thanks to all of you who left such sweet comments on my site while I was gone. You mean so much to me. And thanks to those of you who made purchases on my esty site, I will try & mail out tomorrow.

As you know we went to the lake...with lots of family. Thursday, friday & saturday we had about 17 people there. There was lots of fun, food, family & fellowship. I usually do not get in the water (as I am a big chicken) but I did go swimming off of the dock with our Grandsons. They loved it & so did we! I added the photo & here we are!
This is Montgomery, he is 11yrs. old, he is our middle Grandson, he was jumping off of the dock.

Again this is Montgomery.

This is Curtis, he is 9yrs. old, he is the youngest Grandson. He was doing a back flip off of the dock.This is Tyler, he is 12yrs. old (almost 13yrs), he is very proud of himself and was really posing for this photo. Ha!
This is Griffin, our daughter-in-law, we all decided we would take a before vacation photo of her tummy & an after vacation photo of her tummy. We all swore that she grew in only 4 days. What do you think? She said that the baby loved cookies & ice cream. Ha! She had the cutiest maternity shirts, one said "I love pickles" & the other said "we're hungry" Ha!
Curtis with silly goggles on that Papa bought for him.
Here we are out on the dock.

Getting ready to go out on the lake. The 2 younger boys could ski great!
My daughter's family. What a great looking bunch!
My favorite photo I have saved for last! It is of myself with my girls, my daughter Dusty on the left & my new daughter (daughter-in-law) Griffin on the right. Aren't they beautiful. God has really blessed us.

I hope you all have a great week. Hope you enjoyed the photos. Hugs***Renea


annas dreams blog said...

Im so glad you had a great vacations, I can see that you had a good time Your family its Beautiful as well as you!! Welcome Back :) Lillian

The Feathered Nest said...

I'm so very glad you had a nice vacation Renea! I love the photos of your family and it's so nice seeing you too!!! So glad that your back....xxoo, Dawn

Janet said...

Welcome back!! You were missed. I loved the photos, especially the before and after ones of the tummy! You have a beautiful family.

Susan said...

Welcome back. So glad you had a good time. 9 days w/o internet? I'd go bananas. The photos are wonderful. Once again, welcome back. Hugs.

LW said...

What a wonderful vacation, everyone looks like they had a great time..
Love all the picture and yes I think the baby got bigger in those few days..
I think it was because he or she was surrounded by all that love…


Funky Art Queen said...

it just looks like everyone had a great time and you are a fabulous looking grandma dahling. Hugs....definitely glad your back.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

BEAUTY runs in that there family, yes it does!

It seems we were gone fishin' at the SAME time just about.

Catch any fishy's???

Gorgeous family, glad you had such a grat time away!
~Monica :)

Nonnafairy said...

Pocket full of prettys, all in a row! I rec'd my Prairie Fairy wand, & wanted you to know! May all your creations take wing, & fly! Thank you, oh, Pocket, from my wand & I! Poof, poof! From Lesley's Fort Worth Prairie Fairy

Krissysart said...

Renea, take your time mailing my little goodie out. I won't even be home until next Monday. Can't wait for it, though!!

Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Looks like yall had a great time. Enjoyed the photos too. Glad your back.