Friday, February 20, 2009

Bittersweet Moments

Les, Me & Lisa, February 12th at LaBodega. We of course were having lunch (one of our favorite pastimes). And my Mom took our picture. I had to keep telling Lisa to keep her hands to herself! HeeHee!

It has been quiet sometime since I last posted. Friday the 13th was my last day with my dear friends. I hated to leave them, but at the same time I was excited about the new direction of my life. Les & Lisa are just amazing friends, on the 13th we all had lunch at the Olive Garden and we all exchanged Valentine Gifts. I was such a cry-baby, that day was sooo emotionally draining. I had to say good-bye to my house, good-bye to my friends & then drive 325miles to Ft. Worth. (Where I got lost 2 times before I got to where I was going!) Whew, makes me tired just thinking about it all. Below are the photos of our lunch at Olive Garden.
Lisa with her sweet little bear & Les with her ANT! Yes Les wanted an ANT from Hobby Lobby, so that's what she got!
The Adorable little doll that Les is holding is ME! I found these cute little wood cut out dolls for L & L, I colored each doll, & told them that the doll was Me, that way they could never forget Me & I could always be close by. Les said she put magnets on the back of hers & now I am an honored guest of her refrigerator!
Lisa & Les outside of the Olive Garden. Yes it was very windy & cool.
The 3 of us! Can't wait for you 2 to come in April. We will have so much fun!I saw this truck on my way to Ft. Worth. I had to take a picture! You know God does work in mysterious ways. And once again in my life he has done just that. My friend Les & my new friend Donna became Internet friends a couple of years ago. Well when Les found out that I was moving to the Ft. Worth area she told me about Donna AKA: The Prairie Fairy! So Les introduced us via Internet & guess what? Today we met in person! Our lunch turned into an all afternoon affair, we sat & talked for over 4 hours! Donna is so very delightful, so happy to meet you! Once again God has intervened threw Les for me to make friends in this huge area. And guess what else? Donna and I will only be about 10 minutes from each other! It is so amazing to see God's hand at work. Who would have ever thought that Donna and I would ever meet? God's plan was way ahead of anything I could even comprehend.
I want you all to meet Donna AKA: The Prairie Fairy. So nice to meet you Donna. The sun was shining very brightly in our eyes, but what a great photo! Hugs to you all***Renea


Funky Art Queen said...

Yay, goosebumps. We gotta get Donna blogging....The Prairy Fairy....she already has a name and she is very computer lit so lets work on that....heehee-hey, look at she blogs, facebooks and just hops all over the internet....even on her IPHONE. Great Blog post honey.

Debbie said...

I have been missing you and wondering how things were going. Now I know they are going well! I'm so happy for you.

Lisa said...

I truly believe all these things have happened so easily for a reason and only God knows what that is. love and miss ya.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Very cool!
Things do work out in mysterious ways!

Funky Art Queen said...

I know you have been busy, must blog sistah! You are letting awesome blog material slip away.....all this moving....the lack of material I tell ya!

Michelle (txstitcher) said...

Looks like you are getting settled in. Moving is such a huge endeavor, but you are already reaping the rewards. Your house is beautiful! I love it! I'm so glad you are already making friends. It is so strange how the internet works. I've been internet friends with a lady here in Arlington for a couple of years and now we are 5 mins from each other! The Lord does work in mysterious ways! I'm going to check out the show in Ft. Worth, so I might see you there and get to hug your neck! Welcome to town, Chickadee!

Nonnafairy said...

Boo! I tain't no stinkin' geek ~ you two run circles around me! I already spend too much time here on my arse. Thrilled y'all had a great time doing Spring Fling, but sorry it was hot (yuck). There are so many things to do in this area ~ hope Lesley & Lisa come back soon to play! Nighty-night, Blog Frogs!

jmichelle said...

Greetings , I was thumbing through the blogosphere and happened upon your pic of the tuck and was struck by your comment.
It is so true that you never know just when the spirit shows itself and in what way,.. and by me its a wonderful and awsome thing.
I remember a time when I traveled west with a best friend,, for the first time. My mother was so good at doing her best to support me while trying in her best way not to discourage me,..(secretly I knew this the hole time and love her even more for not saying what we both know she was thinking deep down),..
My mother was a hard praying god fearing prayer worrier of the first degree.. and she could pray the devil out of any situation, on the drop of a dime she could bring down church no matter where we could be.. and you could just feel the spirit move non believer as well as believer..but i digress.
Before we left she walked to the car and prayed over it and blessed the trip.. and mentioned that Ghe would be praying over me on every inch of the trip(of corse she was)...
Now I keep god in my heart too and always... just not in the same fashion of my mother... so its all good to me..
On the trip I explained to my friend that we were being keept in prayer so we were going to be fine and not to worry.. It was kind of fun explaining this to my friend and the experience of it brought me back to a good place.
The trip was "interesting" to say the very least.. and we got to a very dark place and I called on God to send us an angel..and open a way forward,.. and of corse we were appoached by one in the guise of a group of very tall african aamerican young men crossing the street. We were at a stop light that seemed to be talikg a bit too long.. and there was absolutly no one else around.. but I rolled down the window anyway and asked the kids for directions,.. I explained that we were really lost and needing to find our way before it got too dark and not being from here ect blah.. we were given directions to a gas station that was about to close not far from where we were,, and to hurry and get there and we could figure it out from there .. kool I thought.. and thanked them.
I cant begin to tell you that absolutly stunning feeling when we rounded the corner to see a huge sign that read"Jesus Loves You" gas station...
The Jesus Loves You Gas station...
The pastor of this local church, in an effort to reclaim this particular part of this particular neighborhood.. decided to buy it up one piece at a time.
In a moment of prayer we were guided to the Jesus Loves You gas cool and blessed was that!!!
It was not only the cleanest gas station Ive ever encounterted... but the first time I had a prayer in a gas station.
It took only a few moments for us to be gathered in prayer,.. Night church was about to begin so a few of the congregants were showing up to fill up before at the last min.
One of the "Church Ladies" called my friend and I over to the garage and at once we were in a hand holding circle of prayer with every one there praying for intervention for God to bless the way and keep us in his sight.. it was like my mother was there!!, it was fantastic,, it was so was the most amazing part of the trip that from that point on remained even more amzing..
Anyway....its a great memory and youve just reminded me of it ... thought you would enjoy thanks for posting that pic...Michelle