Monday, February 9, 2009

Last Few Days

A new chapter in my life is about to begin. I am excited & sad all at the same time. I love my home here, my family & most of all my friends. I will miss them terribly. Les & Lisa are just the best friends anyone could ever pray for. And yes about 6-8 years ago I prayed that God would send me girlfriends, and boy did he deliver! Les & Lisa both are the best friends I have ever had. We already have grand plans to stay in touch.

Here is Les & myself. Les was teaching a mixed-media art class & I was the helper! We had lots of fun that day.

Here is Les & I at the Senior Celebration. As always we were having fun.

Here is Lisa, we were at one of our favorite restaurants. It was Lisa's birthday. And as you may know we had to give Lisa a hard time b/c she is the OLDEST of the 3 of us. HaHa!
And this gift was from The Funky Art Queen, AKA Les. She gave her a clay doll that was named after Lisa. Just like Lisa, this doll loves her red wine!
And this one is for you Les, "Who's Your Daddy"? HeeHee!
Here is Les @ our Christmas get together. We had lunch @ the Olive Garden. As usual we were all laughing. Lisa & I both know how much Les loves a present!
Lisa gave me this shirt for Christmas, and of course you notice that it is for the Queen. Ha! Thanks Lisa, this is my FAVORITE shirt.
Lisa is wearing the necklace that I gave her for Christmas.
Lisa & Les sharing the joy of my new Grandchild Miss Kennedy.

I think Miss Kennedy was getting bored with her NaNa.

Les & Lisa you are my best friends, you know my life inside & out. You both are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. I will miss our daily antics! We have had so many laughs together and also a few tears. I love you both! Can't wait for your first visit & I haven't even left yet! I have truly been blessed by your friendship. Love, hugs & kisses to you both! Renea
PS-You both had better call me often!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Renea! How did I miss your big news? I'm thrilled for you (!!!) but I know you will miss such special girlfriends. But God will bless you again! Sweet people like you always attract more sweet people!

Funky Art Queen said...

Oh girl, cry cry cry. (not dry...dry dry dry dry) THANKS. I'm so sad....I love you two girls and distance will not keep us apart. I can't hardly type cuz tears are drippin on my fingers. Dang it as Lisa says. I love you and my heart is broken but...we are big girls and we will make it through this. Distance,pishaw!!!! We just have to use our creativity to stay together. Like Janet suggested, we need to get webcams and make sure our tires are in shape. God did not put us together for nothin' we are in it forever. I refuse to give in to my sadness.....I'm gonna turn these damn FFFFFing lemons into lemonade. I'm so sad Renea.

Funky Art Queen said...

Oh, and please note the time that I made my post.....I was not, and I repeat....I was not watching OBAMA! HEEHEE

Debbie said...

I know this is a difficult and bittersweet time for you. You are loved by your friends - that is obvious.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Friends that good are hard to come by, so you'll stay close. Hope/pray you make more!

Lisa said...

ok, ya'll are killin' me here! as each day draws nearer i feel the tears are welling up and dang it...i'm in denial until then. let's go somewhere for lunch on Friday that we won't cause alot of attention to our sobs and boo hoos. i'm gonna miss you terribly. however,,,there are lots of ways to stay together in this modern age! we still need to go back to Round Top, come to Canton, do the April show. There are already three months of this next year and i'm SURE we can come up with more! and i am also very sure you will have friends there to introduce us to so we all will just can't like them better than us!

Tammy said...

Best Wishes to you, Renea!!!

Blissy said...

Oh Renea, I will miss you so much! Don't forget your work friends too :)