Monday, June 8, 2009

Something to Blog About and a GIVEAWAY!

Well I have not blogged in awhile, but I have been thinking about something to blog about. So here goes...I was inspired by the FunkyArtQueen to plant a small garden. So Hubby & I planted 5 tomatoe plants and 3 jalopeno plants. We have already had jalopeno poppers hot off the grill. Still waiting on the tomatoes. I love garden fresh tomatoes.
Look what Hubby found in the backyard! Yikes! This little guy was one fat toad! But we like the fact that he will eat bugs. YumYum!I spent the day with Pam from The Altered Muse in Ft Worth. We had a great time. We brain stormed about up coming workshops. We thought of several great workshops, so check out her site for up-coming workshops and a possible giveaway. We all love a giveaway.
And speaking of a GIVEAWAY...I will give a prize to the first person who can correctly name the towns of where these old Texas Courthouses are located or who can correctly name the most of these towns. I love these old courthouses, everytime we drive threw a town with these old courthouses I have taken photos. The grand old buildings are below, so good luck. Naming these courthouses will end June 16th at midnight.
Have fun with naming the towns where the courthouses are located. Good luck to you all!!!! Hugs***Renea


Rebecca Ramsey said...

No guesses here on the courthouses...I'm still enthralled by that toad! That's a biggie!

Susan said...

I'm laughing about the toad. I read the post too quickly and thought you were saying your hubby was a fat toad. Sorry about that.

The Altered Muse said...

Those are beautiful pictures of the courthouses. I love looking at the old architecture and design. I don't think I can identify them, but just enjoy looking. The toad looks like he is posing for that picture. Remember what your granny told you about warts? I love your art Renea and your creativity. Enjoyed lunch on Monday. See you soon. Pam...The Altered Muse.

LW said...

I have one guess is number 6 in
Waxahachie, Texas...

Love the toad, boy is he a big guy..


Mechelle Harrison said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the title suggestions!

deb did it said...

your challenge has me fascinated. I am going to guess my best That last one has me really stumped, it is so beautiful, I should know it! I thought it was Galveston, but where are the palms? 1-Hillsboro, 4-Weatherord, 5-Waxahachie Deb at

Funky Art Queen said...

Well, I missed it, but congrats to Deb!!! Love your new blog look!