Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This past year has been such a roller coaster. We moved, left my best friends behind, tried to get comfortable and settle in, decided to move again, and now are displaced until January 29th. I have prayed that this year will be the year for us to feel like we belong in this new place. I know God has a plan for us and He will take care of us. With that said, I am looking forward to the rest of the year.

I have had little time for art in the past year. So in the last couple of weeks I have worked on a few pieces. I have made several sets of blocks. And I have painted a bright little Angel's Face on an 8x8 canvas. Love the colors in the canvas. Hope you enjoy.
Have a great ART week. I plan on working on another painting this week. Hugs ***Renea


Susan said...

You have had such a year. Moving is certainly a stressful thing. Knowing that God has a plan for us is always a bright spot in our lives. Your art is not suffering, to be sure. Love your new blocks and the angel is beautiful. Hang in there. xoxo Susan

Heather Robinson said...

Oh Renea, I had no idea that your life has been so turbulent! I have missed you so and hope that this IS the year that you will feel settled and at peace with where you are living. It is delightful to see your artwork. I'm in love with the whimsical and colourful lady and a big fan of your blocks. Big hugs, Heather

Debbie said...

You have had quite the taxing time! But your art is still gorgeous. Love that angel's hair.

Barbara Jean said...


Love all your blocks!!!

Thanks for coming for a visit.


barbara jean