Sunday, August 17, 2008

Birthdays & Rain

Happy Birthday to my daughter! I didn't get to post on friday & friday was her birthday! She turned 31, WOW, can't believe she is over 30! Her photo is below. She is so pretty! So very proud of you! Love you so much!We went to the lake on friday. The weather was cool & rainey which never happens in West Texas! It rained friday night, all day saturday & was still raining this morning. We had over an inch @ the lake before we left. We left around 10 this morning because we knew it was going to rain again all day. But it was a great weekend, very peaceful & we got lots of rest, plus I got some art work done. I made (of course) more blocks. I think I'm stuck on blocks. But the supplies for blocks are easy to carry to the lake so...therefore I make blocks. I made 2 sets. One set is not complete yet. But I will share with you the one that is complete. These are a little different from what I usually do, but I like the way they turned out. What do you think?
And then tonight I worked on some blocks for Christmas. They look vintage. I made them to appear distressed. I'm going to be putting more blocks on my etsy hopefully in the next night or two.

One other project I worked on was some little wood clothes pins. So check them out below. This is the first set, the front & the backs of the pins. This is the second set, front & back of the pins.

My great friend Lisa from Wild Over Wine has sold a beautiful bracelet that she has made. And now she has an order to make 5 more bracelets, they are a little different than the one below, but look how beautiful this one is.

Lisa has made some really beautiful jewelry lately. And she just started making jewelry about a month ago! Way to go Lisa, great job. Below is a necklace, wish you could see it in person, it is so COOL! If you get the chance go & check her out. She has also made some awesome wine bottles with lights inside & decorated on the outside.

Lisa's etsy site is MAJestic Designs. She has some gorgeous bracelets, & necklaces for sale!

Well I hope you all have a great week! I'm already tired thinking about it! Oh well...labor day weekend is coming soon! Yippee! Hugs to all my friends***Renea


Funky Art Queen said...

oh wow about Lisa, that is awesome huh? so proud for her. Love the blocks but my favs are the Christmas one.

Janet said...

Your daughter is so pretty....she has such a beautiful smile.

Your blocks are always great. I really like the Christmas set. And the clothespins are so cute!! What a cool idea!

Tammy said...

I love the blocks and pins. Especially the Holiday ones. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

oh renea i love the blocks. the first ones are different but cool and Santa is the greatest. thanks for sharing my stuff! love ya

Heather Robinson said...

Hello my busy friend! Thanks for the warm welcome home. I just enjoyed seeing your new pieces, the photo of your lovely daughter and those fabulous bracelets. Hugs to you.