Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happily Ever After

As most of you know we had another wedding this past weekend. Our niece got married & I want to share with you some of the photos. The wedding colors were pink & brown. Love those colors. And just wait until you see the cake, oh my gosh that was the most beautiful cake that I've ever seen. Everything turned out really nice & I think everyone enjoyed themselves. The first photo is of the bride with her bride's maids @ the rehersal dinner. They all look so pretty! They really had a good time, & after the dinner they had a lingerie shower for the bride!

The next photo is all the bride's maids with the bride on her big day!

And of course there is always a flower girl & a ring bearer. Except this was a little different as the flower girl really didn't carry flowers & the ring bearer didn't carry the rings. Instead the ring bearer pulled the flower girl down the aisle in a little wagon. Just too precious!
Introducing Mr & Mrs Bride & Groom. Aren't they a cute couple!
And now for the gorgeous cake! And it tasted great too! Love those flowers on the cake, didn't that just make it?
Here is the happy couple leaving the church. Look @ the bubbles. And look @ the bride in the car, so pretty & surreal!
I also have to include this great photo of my hubby & our beautiful daughter. She will be 31 on August 15th!! Happy Birthday to our baby girl! Love you so much! We are so proud of you!!!

I also wanted to let you all know that I have added some new things to my etsy shop. I have alot of other items to add but can only add a few @ a time because it takes so long! So check it out often to see the new additions! I want to thank each of you for your sweet comments. You all mean so much to me. I love all of my blog friends! Thanks too for visiting so frequently. Hugs***Renea
I am adding photos of my tote bags, because someone wanted to see them. So here they are, hope you like. I will be adding these to etsy soon. Hugs***Renea


Janet said...

Beautiful wedding photos! I just love the flower girl posing in the wagon! That is too cute! And you're right, the cake is gorgeous!!

LW said...

What a pretty wedding….

I love the color combination ..

You could not ask for a cuter flower girl and ring bearer…


Funky Art Queen said...

Oh that little girl is precious and the wagon looked cute. Hey there is one song on my playlist I thought you and Lisa would get a kick out of....see if you can figure out which one.

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Wonderful wedding photos...nice bridesmaid dresses and hoe pretty the bride looks! Cake is divine...made me hungry for some. No cake s better than wedding cake. Fabulous totes!

Lisa said...

so so cute...great picture of barry and Dusty...luv ya lisa

kslaughter said...

I read your bio and see that I have definitely found a kindred spirit! Anyone who still loves Sleepless and Chicago is right up my alley. I love your blog and your work! All the best to you~~