Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I posted earlier that I would have a giveaway soon. In fact I posted that I would host a giveaway on my 100th post. Well guess what? I missed my 100th post. Yap sure did, missed it! So this is post #101. And yes I am going to do a giveaway! YIPPEE! It's really easy, just leave me a comment on this post about one of your funniest moments and you will be entered. And if you mention this giveaway on your blog with a link to this blog I will enter your name twice. I am going to the biggest Flea Market in Texas this weekend & there is no telling what I will come up with for the giveaway, but I'm sure it will be fun! So please leave me a comment. The drawing will be held on October 10th @ 6pm central time. Good luck to you all!

I have listed one set of my Christmas blocks on my etsy site. I hope to list other sets next week after my trip.

I'm off to Round Top tomorrow with Lisa from Wild Over Wine. We are so excited! This is our first time to go there & we want to see it all even though I know that won't be possible. But we will shop til we drop! Two great days! I'm sure I will have plenty of photos when I return. Hope you all have a great weekend! And Les we will miss you dearly! I know we will think of you often. Hugs***Renea


Mistress Meeyee said...

One of my funniest moments,let me see.... I have tons to choose from but this one sticks out right now.
One time about ten years ago I was trying to get this guy to like me so I dressed up and wore heels and makeup and a cute outfit and went to a party at one of my friends house where I knew he would be. So I see the guy I like went downstairs at the party so I start to go down the stairs too but my heels make me trip and I missed all the stairs and landed on the concrete floor with my dress over my head and I landed like a lump of coal on the floor. I got his attention but he never asked me out.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

OO, take me with!

A funny moment?

ok, once in Costco while shopping with my 3 yr old godchild Jordan who is EAGER for Halloween to come.. well in early September she and I walk down an aisle to see a man approaching with a patch over his eye and a limp..

Jordan doesn't miss a beat and takes her right arm and punches the air with a great big ol, "arghhh!" and hysterically laughs, "look, a pirate!"

I couldn't help but hide my laughter, taking her by the hand and steering her towards the foodmart.

Embarrassing or FUNNY? you pick.

happy shopping at that great big flea markt!

lucky you.


Bebe said...

Hi Renea!
Hope you two had fun out there at the Texas flea market! I'd love to enter your giveaway, so toss my name in the hat. A funny moment? How about when I left the keys in my car with the car running and then locked the car door? You should have seen the look on the locksmiths' face when he came to unlock. I was definitely having a good day.... LOL!
Lots of Hugs, Bebe :)

Jodi Renshaw said...

Oh how I miss flea markets! We used to have some great ones in NH. Not many in Maine. Enjoy!


Funky Art Queen said...

One of my funniest moments-just happend the other day when you and Lisa discovered I had been walking around in public all morning with my shirt inside out. You caught the tag hanging out. YOu two thought it was pretty funny!

Heather Robinson said...

Oh these blocks are simply gorgeous. Hmmm....which funny moment should I choose? I used to go to the local Y to swim each morning at 6:00 a.m. One morning I arrived as usual and walked in with the crowd gathered as usual. As I was walking down the hall to the women's change room a lady stopped me and asked if I really wanted my bra to be hanging from the hood of my coat? In the wash, the bra had gotten snagged on the velcro and I hadn't noticed...dark grey bra on light blue coat.

Lisa said...

oh which one??? i hope i win. i would love to have the blocks without paying for them cuz yu see i spent all my money at the flea market! Ok, maybe it was when we were going to Jason's deli to eat lunch and i was behind you and called your name, you looked around and my skirt was around my ankles in the middle of the parking lot! i don't know...there are so many because i am so easy! see ya tomorrow, lisa

suze said...

I always have the most fun with my daughter and one of the funniest was when we were driving from CA to MD with her two young sons (my grandkids).Every night we would stay at a motel with a pool so the boys would get their exercise after a full day of riding in the car. We came back to the room one night after swimming and she yelled to me "here catch this" I looked up and she had flung a fully soaked disposable diaper my way. Well, I didn't even try to catch that. I jumped out of the way and it hit the floor and exploded! Tiny bits of gel were everywhere. We were so exausted we just cracked up and ended up on the floor ourselves rolling with laughter.

LW said...

Great give-away….
One of my funniest moments was when I was in the dentist chair and I looked down at my feet and saw thatI had two different shoes on….
I know that my dentist spotted it too but he was a good guy and just smiled….


Sabii Wabii said...

I wnat to invite you to try RED...It's for the kids...and get funky art queen too!