Monday, February 11, 2008

Friends Old & New

I want to say thank you to all of you who have visited my blog. I am so tickled that so many people would like to have "Lucy". That really warms my heart. I am trying to visit every blog that has visited my blog but please forgive me if I don't make each one before Feb 13th. I want to visit each of you but I am out of town for work. I will not get home until late wednesday night. I am in Austin, Tx. I am here to attend a seminar for work. My work partner (Lisa) & I are both here. Tonight after the seminar we went to dinner with Lisa's 2 daughter's & my long time friend Cody. We had so much fun, we laughed & laughed. Getting together with new & old friends is the best. We had a blast. We are all hoping to go to dinner again tomorrow night. It is late & I need to go to sleep. Please know that I will eventually get to each & every site, I can't wait to visit all of you.

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GraceBeading said...

I feel the same as you with all the visitors to my blog for the OWOH event. You are going to have SO many new worlds to explore when you get back. I'm just now getting back to visit all the neat blogs I only stopped at to add my name to drawings. If only there were more hours in the day... but boy do I have some great places to visit - it'll be nice to savor it, a little at a time with a hot cup of something.

Have a safe trip home!