Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Won a giveaway!!!

I can't believe it, I won one of the OWOH giveaways. I was so excited. I won the giveaway from, thanks Donna for participating. I had entered several giveaways but didn't really expect to win. But I did! So I will have a nice gift coming in the mail in a few days.

I also have mailed the winner of "Lucy Valentine" to Jayedee. I mailed Lucy yesterday. So Jayedee she will arrive soon.

I had so much fun participating in the OWOH giveaway, I can't wait until I can participate again.

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jayedee said...

lucy arrived safe and sound yesterday! she' even sweeter in person and i love her! thank you so much! btw, i've tagged you for a meme.......details on my blog! lol