Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pay it Forward

Time for a giveaway


"Pay it Forward"

I wanted to participate in the "pay it forward" & was so excited I used someone else's photo by accident. I do apologize. I have had one person to respond so far & that is Michelle B. There is still time to participate, I need 2 more people to leave a comment, state that you want to participate, & I will send you a gift in the next 365 days. But you also must post "pay it forward" on your site & agree to send the first 3 participants a gift. To see information go to Deborah's site @ http://www.picturespotspens.blogspot.com/.


Funky Art Queen said...

OK girl, did i get here in time...? If so, sign me up. I want to play.

Deborah said...

Hi Renea, Don't feel so bad about what was a mistake!

I didn't get three participants yet...still need one more, but that's okay - we can go ahead with the Pay it Forward. I'm not going to wait to send out my packages. If I wait later into the year it will certainly slip my mind. I've got a few things together for you already and will sent it out pretty soon. I'm going to stay with my daughter in Virginia for a week so I will get your package out when I return.


Jenn said...

Hi Renea:) I gave you 2 awards over on my blog! Come take a peek:):) xoxo...jenn

Bebe said...

Hi Renea!

Thanks for coming over and visiting with me at my blog! You are so sweet to say such kind things!! :)

Your collages are lovely and romantic ~ you are very talented!! I've added you to my fave blogs and I'll pop over from time to time to see what neat items you've made.

Smiles...Bebe :)

Michelle said...

Hey Renea! Thanks for the info on the photo...it is all fixed now and I "stole" (oops, I mean borrowed) the photo from your site! You can participate in my MeMe Contest as I have about FOUR whole visitors who check my blog regularly! :( Michelle